Getting Dressed For Parties

This Spring Fling weekend, I noticed that my friends and I spend alot of time getting ready for parties. We fuss over outfits we’re going to wear, change about 2 or 3 times before we’re satisfied, and spend twice as long trying to each other’s hair. And to what avail? If you think about it, most of us girls come to parties made up and looking real fly. But the men? Most of them are in white tees and wearing something you know only took them 5 minutes to put together. Anyway, maybe its just a girl thing to spend so much time on how we look when we know by the end of the party our hairstyles will be sweated out and the guy you dance with could really care less if your shoes match your shirt or the necklace you wore brings out your hair color. Either way, we girls will continue to overdress for parties and the guys will continue to rock their white tees and fitted hats.


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