Stephanie M. Henderson, Editor-in-Chief

Hey everyone!!! You all cannot imagine how excited and proud I am with the success of Pride =0) I want to say thank you to all of those who supported it financially and otherwise.  Besides working on Pride and being the Director of Publications for the Black Student Alliance, I also work at Brown Engineering & Science Library as a Library Assistant.  I am a Ridley Scholar and enjoy writing poetry and short stories.  I absolutely love animals (I own two dogs (Billy and Bruno) and a guinea pig named Rufus Bernard III (Rufy for short).  I am a Womanist (a Black feminist) — don't assume anything, contact me if you want to know more — totally for uplifting my Black people.  One day I will run or own a Black interest magazine.  I am an English and American Studies major — focusing my program around Media Studies, Studies in Women and Gender, and African and African American Studies.  I hope to write a distinguished majors thesis on the representation and production of the image of the Black Woman on television during my senior year. I one day hope to be able to do research on the effect of the image of the Black woman in pop culture on the self-esteem of adolescent Black girls.  I want to write a book- not sure what about yet, and also publish a book of poetry.  Holla at me if your down for my cause(s)!!!! =0)


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