Who told you that?

In a class discussion on diversity about two weeks ago, the subject of black athleticism arose. I was absolutely surprised to hear a student, at UVA, who just happened to be white, say that it is scientifically proven that blacks are naturally faster than whites, and are better athletes than most whites.  While this seems to be proven by most professional sports in the United States, and while most blacks may think the same thing, it should be questioned whether or not it is also true that whites are scientifically proven to be naturally smarter than blacks. This leaves one to wonder whether science is correct, after all, blacks were “scientifically proven” to be a naturally incompetent and inferior wand did not deserve the same liberties as non-Africans(blacks). So if the white man from France practiced harder before running the 100 meter at the Olympics and black students studied harder before taking the SAT would these scientific myths be proven invalid?


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