Black Literature–what are we talking about?

Many of you have been in English classes on grounds and had to read a few pieces cited as ‘Black literature.’ Although these pieces may be presented a certain way in class (usually in the context of slavery), it is hard to tell just what it is we are talking about in a discussion. Of course slavery was wrong, and all people should have equality, but what does pondering on such writings say about us today? In many courses I feel Black literature is treated as a subculture to mainstream writing throughout the centuries discussed in lecture, which given the oppression of African-Americans is more or less true, but is it correct to still present Black literature that way today? What do you feel it means to discuss Black literature at a predominantly white institution? Do you feel that the literature discussed is portrayed accurately?

Post the thoughts you wouldn’t give in class. Own the words that make up “Black literature” and tell me what you think we are really¬†talking about.


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