Facebook is an addicting mess…is hurting our Uva community?

The other day I was two seconds from deleting my facebook because I was sick of the amount of drama it starts…Now with the adding of new features like “feeds” it has gotten worse. Recently I was envolved in a round of Facebook “hateration” where some girls posted some “fighting words” about me and my friends. These girls had never met me and probably only know what we look like through my facebook and I wondered to myself if all of this drama could have been avoided if I didn’t have one?

Nevertheless, I too am guilty of a facebook addition. We all know that sometimes just for fun we scan through people’s recent pics and let that shape what we think of these people. After “facebook stalking” you can really feel like you know a person but do you really? can you really make an accurate judgment on someone’s character through their facebook? and if not, then why do people feel the need to do so? 

Facebook is a great way to keep up with whats going on, but it can easily be used for evil. It can be used to meet people which is cool, but it is also a breading ground for hatred and gossip. Nevertheless, once addicted it is hard to let go, so I find myself debating what the next step for my  facebook will become. I wish facebook was a way for our relatively small black community to come together but some are using it as a means to provide friction. Can’t we all just get along? or better yet, just not saying anything if there is nothing positive to say?

Let us update our current status to somekind of united front, and not air our dirty laundry for the world to see. No one is saying you have to like everybody, but you don’t have to call it to everyone’s attention.


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