Reviewing the NCAA Tournament so far

To describe the 2007 NCAA tournament in one word: “trite.” Most of the games went as expected, confirming the “experts” picks as Georgetown, Ohio State, Florida and UCLA round out the Final Four teams. Yes, I feel this way because Virginia bowed out in the second round against Tennessee. I honestly felt that if the Cavaliers had gotten by the Volunteers, J.R. Reynolds and Sean Singletary would’ve given the Buckeyes some matchup problems as teams like Xavier and Memphis did by using their perimeter players to get to the basket and create plays. As with the rest of the tournament, everything went as expected: Florida sleptwalked through their region, UCLA won their region as the experts predicted (although Kansas should be kicking themselves again for not playing to their talent in the NCAA tournament) and Georgetown won their region as expected being the most imposing team of their region.

So I still will be watching the Final Four, of course. Every sports fan can still be intrigued by March Madness (bit of a misnomer since the championship game is in April and it’s always interesting to see future NBA players–Joakim Noah, Roy Hibbert, Al Horford, Greg Oden and Aaron Afflalo to name a few to play at the highest setting in college basketball.

To all the sports fans out there, who’s going to win it all this year and who will be the most important player to watch in the Final Four.


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