It’s 2am, and I’m sick of this sh@&

If I could live my life over again I would be a rapper. I mean, why not? They make millions of dollars a year by being ignorant, “supposedly” living dangerous lives, and doing whatever the hell they want–in iambic pentameter, end-rhymes!! I know, I know–poetry is hard and to have a knowledge base to narrate stale street-violence to hyper-phat beats while keeping it “fresh” is nothing to sneeze at, but couldn’t I learn? College sucks. If I am intelligent, I can’t announce it or know about it, because then I would be arrogant and people would hate me (ergo, hard to get funded). However, I can’t be stupid or people would shun me and do nothing to help me. At best, I would be included, but only as the token black that exemplifies diversity while still indicating the inferiority of black people. At least in rap, I can state outright that I don’t give a fuck and proceed to say as much filth and immorality as I can fit into a five minute sound track. They call them ignorant, useless, a blight on the development of African-American entrepreneurship; but maybe that is because they are not white, and make a point of saying they don’t exactly fit into mainstream. Why say they are black, either?
Can’t they just be rude people who happen to rap and be mostly black? Who cares where the talent came from — don’t we all download a track from time to time and understand the frustration they feel?
Let them keep rapping and stop whining about it! If you don’t like it, stop buying it and/or talking about it. We only talk about what we notice, and notice means interest.
Objectifying women…I’m a woman and I don’t give a fuck! They can say what they want, but don’t ask for a date… Some of the mess is funny; we are meant to laugh. If it is too appalling, I don’t buy it and it never bothers me again. What jackass in this modern age would take his social cues from 50 cent anyways? In a way, rappers are pathetic actors. Most people with a complimentary set of frontal lobes know they aren’t taken seriously–they’re just some rhymers with a lot of money. Songs don’t change the world, let’s be honest. But they do make us think, they make us feel things that we wouldn’t normally feel, for better or worse.
I love rap, but I know its limits and appreciate it for the power it exercises in the space society has allotted for it. Here, knowing how to take care of yourself is paramount, whether you go to college, own a business, or not; people aren’t less because of their lack of opportunities, they have other parts to make up for it.
Most of it is violent, sexist, and homophobic, but whatever. If you think you can do better, put it to a beat and get it distributed. The genre demands nothing less.

But what do you think? Afterall, most truth is built by trial and rumor, so take your pick!


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