The Silent Killer

February 7th marks the eight annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and yet HIV is still the leading cause of death among African Americans between the age of 25-34. The statistics, steadily on the rise, are hard to interpret and fully understand. At one point little was known about the virus and the various ways in which it was spread, but even today after having been educated on the potential risks of infecting the virus, people are still choosing not to protect themselves. Why is it that so much is known about the virus, such as halting the spread of it, but yet it is still such a high infection rate among the world-wide African-American community? Is it because we aren’t educating our youth? Is it due to the economic and social stigma that still plays a role in the way that African-American’s are viewed in society? Is it due to fear of the consequences of the stigma? I personally think it’s a combination of them all, but You be the judge.

-J. Braxton


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