Who do you want in office?

I was having an interesting conversation with a family member last night. We were talking about who we were going to vote for in the upcoming presidential election. When I told her that I was probably going to give my vote to Barack, she quickly responded with an, “Okay, but….” She said that she was hoping the Huckabee got into office because of his strong Christian background. Then she followed with a quite interesting explanation:

Many people are fair to say that America should allow gay marriage, abortion, and other things of the nature because it is the “land of the free”. But as a Christian, I am to be held accountable for my actions while on this earth. That means that if I put a person in office that will govern my country by making it okay for unethical behavior, (according to my beliefs) aren’t I just as wrong? In her words, “I want God to say ‘Well done’, not ‘Well…..’.”

Though that is a valid argument, she did not necessarily change my vote. My question is, who do you want in office?


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