Valentines Day is just a couple of days away, and living on a college campus makes it hard to forget. Everywhere you turn there are pink and white balloons, roses, boxes of candy, and people shouting the cost of candy and singing grams to you like they’re announcing Joan of arc is about to be burned at the steak. As someone who just recently ended a serious relationship, I was quick to notice and despise all the hype this year. A friend of mine was even joking about wearing all black that day. But my roommate said something that really made me think. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about romantic love between significant others, it can also be about the love we all have for our friends, and the love we should have for our community. I realized that a lot of the corny V-day souvenirs that people are buying now are going to support really charitable causes. For example, candy grams being sold outside of O-Hill are going to benefit the Ronald McDonald House charities of Charlottesville. The Charlottesville community needs a lot of help and development in many areas. So I think that instead of just seeing V-Day as a time to love and get spoiled (or drink and hate) we should see it as a time to give back. 


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