An Interview With Student Counsel Nominee Todd Rooks

Before last week’s student council elections Pride Staff caught up with Todd Rooks for an interview. Enjoy! 

1.       How would some of your closest friends describe you? 

My friends would describe me as outgoing, compassionate and very funny.
2. What activities do you participate in on campus?’

Sustained Dialogue, BUCKS, University Guide Service
3. Have you ever had a representative position before, what makes you a good leader?

This would be my first representative position here at the university regarding student government. I believe that I am a good leader because of my abilities to help people and network them with others who can help them as well. I would say that my leadership is effective because I am personable and genuinely concerned with their goals and how they can achieve them.

4. How did you come to choose the position you ran for?

Because I feel that there is not enough representation in the college of arts and sciences for students like me and I want to change that.
5. What is the biggest problem in the black community on campus and
how do you plan on resolving it?

I believe that the biggest problem is not getting involved. I plan to help others see that getting involved with what you like helps to make the university better and it also allows each student to change the university in the way that they want. It means that students get involved based on their passions and not just because it’s the not just the black thing to do or because no one else is doing it. 

6. How will you leave your mark on UVa, (what will you be known for)?

I want to be known for my compassion towards others. That is one quality that I have never been able to change and at first I was not to proud of this quality but now it might just be the one that I admire the most.
7. What’s your favorite thing about being Black at UVa?

My favorite thing is going into the OAAA and being able to use the resource to the full extent; from studying, to socializing and being able to talk with other black students in a more relaxed environment that is on grounds. The OAAA provides a place to unwind and talk about things going on in your life and around grounds, whether good or bad. 
8. What kind of student would you describe yourself as?

I am a hard worker and I know a lot of times I have succeeded in class not because of my ability to retain knowledge but just for the sheer fact that I work hard.

9. What traits do you think are important for a student counsel member?

Someone personable and dedicated to doing the work to actually change the way things are run around here. The opinions of the constituents and someone who is genuinely interested in learning about the operations of the university and how to make them work to their constituents’ advantage 10. How much of an impact does student counsel have on the university
as a whole?

It is crucial to student life because the council actually enacts different rules and regulations each year that change the school. The university id definitely affected by the decisions made and many times students are not aware of the changing policies which make the impact seem smaller than it is.
11. What will you do with your experience as a student counsel member
in your future?

Use it to try and better the university for my peers as well as to reach out to others who may be interested and give them advice. I plan on using my experience with coming up with ideas and making agreements to help plan my classrooms and be able to share with other educators helpful strategies. I would also like to be involved in my local government when I am older and I believe that this experience will help prepare me for that. 

12. Any additional comments you would like me to include?

13. What is your major?

Foreign affairs major, planning on going to the Curry School of Education

By Liz Ford 


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